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In the immortal words of every MC... "make some noise!". And if you can't make any, the best thing to do is to listen to some. To download STEMM's latest tracks just click HERE and head on into Farmclub where you can download all the STEMM noise you can handle. Also you can get most of these on Napster if you'd prefer that.

STEMM's Sound

To me, STEMM's sound isn't just a rush of music with a crash of lyrics thrown into the mix. STEMM's sound is a very diverse new rap-core style that can't be described in one word. Loud, fast, angry, raw, and brilliant come to mind, but to chose just one of these words to describe the band would be unfair. To get the full STEMM experience you can't just listen to one song and know what they're about. You need to go out and get all the tunes you can get and listen to them over and over to get all that you can. And then, after you've listened to Perfect for the 50th time you might just start to understand what power this music brings not only musically, but physically. When I listen to a STEMM song I can't help but want to turn it up to full ball and jump around screaming all the lyrics I know at the top of my throat, and I would be lying if I said I had never done that. But, so I am told, the live experience is something different again. Not only is it all of the above, but emotion comes into play here, so once again to get the full experience a STEMM live show is in order. Unfortunatly a very small percentage of fans will be able to get the full experience as their tours have not been very large, but soon once they get picked up by some huge record company STEMM will not only be touring all over the US, but also all over Japan, Europe and Australia, and then the experience will be complete.