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  [ Updates 3:51pm, 7th April 2001 ]  

  :: Hey everyone. I have updated heaps of stuff - I added some new lyrics, I added a new fan submission that I have had for ages (sorry about the lateness of that), I changed the tours bit to a link to's shows page. This is to make it easier for me, and to make it better for you to get up to date show stats.
  :: I have probably mentioned this, but I'm gunna mention it again. The street team application is up the very top of so go and sign up and get the word around town.
  :: You can also win tickets to the Sepultura/Hatebreed concert that Stemm will be appearing in. Or should we say, you can win tickets to the Stemm concert that Sepultura/Hatbreed will be appearing in.
  :: Ummm... email me with any info you want posted and stuff.

Dan T

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  [ News 10:15pm, 4th April 2001 ]  

  :: This is mainly just letting you know I am still here. On either tomorrow or Saturday I will update the Tours page, add another song in the lyrics section, and do some other stuff around the site. I am currently building all my files up again since the virus left my machine clear out. If you have anything please send it to me and I will post it. Uh, I am going to bed... I have school tomorrow and shit.

Dan T

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  [ News 8:36pm, 28th March 2001 ]  

  :: Well, well, well, I'm still here and ready to update the site. Myself and a partner are also working on another project, so I think you will all enjoy that, it's on another band called Silk from Melbourne who play a grungy style of music. Very cool, but this site is still my #1 concern. Anyway, there is a few big Stemm news bits and pieces out at the moment.
  :: Well, news of the moment... Stemm are playing with SEPULTURA! One of the greatest bands of the nineties are playing with Stemm! This will not only be a phat gig, but huge coverage. Details? You want details? We got your details:

Saturday, April 21
Doors open at 7:00pm - Stemm start at 7:30pm
Held at the Sideshow Music Hall at the Funhouse
1830 Abbott Rd - Lackawanna, NY (716) 821-9500
The line up so far has been confirmed as follows:
Puya & Endo

CHARGE BY PHONE (716) 852-5000
in Canada (416) 870-8000 & online at
Tickets also available at

  :: As you all must already know, Dead to Me has been released at a huge sold out party. You can check out pix at various websites, and all in all it looked great. With I could have been there. Stemm are definately going up.
  :: You can buy Dead to Me either on the Internet at or at any shows for around $10 I believe.
  :: The Street Team is being assembled. Keep checking here and for more info on that. All I know is you have to be committed and give out stickers and adverts around your city to advertise the guys. Info is sketchy though... we'll keep you posted.

Dan T

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  [ Stuff 9:38pm, 27th March 2001 ]  

  :: Hey all, my computer is FINALLY fucking fixed. I have been seriously shitted for the last three weeks cause of that bullshit. Anyway, that's finished and it's time for more updates. There's lyrics for Slippin up now, and heaps of other shit. Go check it out. Plus I am continuing on my quest for a better web site, including more updates, more areas and better designs!
  :: In Stemm news, the new CD is released at the pre-release party that was sold out with over 400 people in attendance! Stemm won their talent contest thingy, and the guys are kicking more ass than ever. Go to for more, and I'll update on other shit tomorrow.

Dan T

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  [ Banner & Stemm or Bust Banner 4:00am, 20th January 2001 ]  

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