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STEMM Fan Interpretations

This section is for you - the Stemmling. Does a certain song mean something to you more than any other song? Do you really like one song? Do you really like one member of the band? Here is the section where you can tell us about why you like these things, and what they mean to you. Please send us as many interpretations for as many different things concerned with STEMM as you like by clicking HERE

What Stemm Means?
by Sherryl B

Wat stemm means and what they mean to me are two totally different things. STEMM is a group of 5 guys who stemmed together to make a band that undoubtedly is one of the best bands around today, and I mean that with all my heart. What Stemm means to me cannot be put in words. Their music is hypnotizing often drifting into my head during the day when I'm not even thinking about music or them. As people they are the 5 nicest guys I've met in a long time... also the most devoted. I dont think I can ever give back to them what they've gave to me or any other fan or friend.

by Dan T

Why do I choose to like Stemm? Why do I choose to dislike pop music? Why did I choose to make a site? Well, the answers to all of those questions are simple: Because. You know, the reason for everything when you're three years old: Because. Because has one real reason... "I don't know why, I just do". That is the answer to those two questions I mentioned above. Sure, they do go a little deeper but that's the main basis. Should we go deeper? I think we should. Why do I choose to dislike pop music? That looks like a good starting point. It's pretty simple really. While pop music is catchy, the musicians (if you can call them that) are good looking, and they're on TV alot, I have no respect for most pop music artists. It is rare that you will find a pop solo artist (or many pop bands) that actually does write or play their own songs. In many cases the singer doesn't even sing the song. How can this person be a real musician if they can't play an instrument, can't write a song, and can't remember the words well enough to sing them live. One thing I remember about miming to music clearly was when a couple of years ago I was watching a Music Awards night thing (I can't remember which exact one). There were about five live acts, and every single one of the performed live. Every single one of them except Britney Spears, that is. It was quite obvious that she wasn't singing live, and it looked very tacky compared to the other musicians. I don't think her band was playing the music live either - it looked too perfect. And still to this day my 12 year old 'teeny-bopper' sister still tries to convince me "Oh, Britney writes all her own music and performs everything live! She does! She Does!". And I don't think she's the only Britney Spears fan to believe this. Why do I like STEMM? This question is a little more deep. One day when I was talking to a guy from New York, and he mentioned that I should try and download a Stemm track on Napster. "Sure," I thought "I've got nothing better to do". So I went on Napster and searched Stemm. There were three songs, I think, that were downloadable. After chosing randomly I began to download One Time, roughly three minutes and forty-five seconds of pure brilliance. I listened to this over and over again, so much that I forgot to get anything else by the band. A week later I decided to get another Stemm song, and upon searching the list had grown bigger. I don't know if it was just the time I got on, or server or something, but now there were at least 30 songs - ten times the amount last time. "Cool," I thought "Let's try this one". It was then that I began to download Burn. My second favourite Stemm track. I went on and on until I had every Stemm song available, and I still check hourly for new songs. After I listened to Slippin I knew Stemm were the shit. These guys rock hard, and have such emotion in their songs that it's not hard to want to get out of your seat and jump around. The mixture of loud guitars (Russ, Rich and Joe), rhythemic beats (Jimi) and explosive lyrics (Louis) is perfect. And since then, I couldn't get enough. Why did I make a fansite? Well, that is by far the easiest question. A mix between boredom, a passion for web design, and a passion for Stemm I decided to throw them all in a bag, shake them around, and see what came out the other end. The product was STEMM Life - the best Stemm fansite on the net today. Enjoy your stay...