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STEMM Biography

It was June 1998, and many of Buffalo's premiere underground bands - such as Despair, Grotesque Infection, Zero Tolerance and Infestation - all disbanded. The greats from these bands, Jimi Penque, Joe Cafarella, Louis Penque and Russ Martin needed a new band. They all stemmed together, thus the name STEMM. In December of 1998 the group recorded an agressive rap-core style on a two song promotional demo that was recorded at Watchmen Studios. The recording caused great interest in the underground and the band distributed at least six hundred copies in just four months.

The demand for STEMM became greater, so STEMM returned to Watchmen Studios in June 1999. The band recored a five song demo consisting of a remix of the two songs on their first CD, three new songs, and two live hidden tracks.

On the 20th of July 2000 STEMM welcomed their new guitarist, ex Short of Breath guitarist Rich Spalla. Now, along with Spalla, STEMM are as good as ever and will tear up any gig they play at. With various websites popping up on the internet, the future looks bright for this Niagra Falls five piece.

They are currently recording their next CD, and first CD with Rich - "Dead to Me" - which is scheduled to be released sometime in March. The CD will feature 9 songs including Down, Slippin', Out of Context, Bum Rushed, Perfect, Please, Part of Each, and a remake of BURN. This is set to be the best STEMM CD yet.

AUTHORS NOTE: I wrote this after reading various (mostly copied from biographies on the internet. I wanted to write my own to be original, but unfortunatly I don't know the guys personally so I had to get the information off of these websites. I hope that most of it is correct, but if some is incorrect please email me with what changes need to be done. Thank you.